Forensic Epidemiology and Ecotoxicology
Friday 28 september 2018

Session B10 / ore 14:00 -16:00
prof. Stefano Vanin - University of Huddesfield (UK)
In the last year an increased attention has been paid to diseases associated with general and local pollution and with illegal behaviors related with waste management and chemical dispersion in the environment. The causation between the diseases and the exposure, apparently easy to be demonstrated is the critical point when presented in a court of law.

Forensic epidemiology provides a systematic approach to the assessment of general and specific causation related with legal issues concerning the human health. The critical question in the investigation of a suspected condition following an exposure to a potential risk factor is whether the observed association between the exposure and the disease or injury outcome is causal or not. In this context the integration of the information derived by the ecotoxicological analyses of the environment is vital to obtain a robust result suitable to be presented in a court of law. In fact, the evaluation of the association between risk factor and disease depend on the analysis of the dose and time of exposure. This information in an environmental context can be obtained only applying the ecotoxicological approach.

In this section the integration and synergy of the two discipline is presented based on cases demonstrating the importance and utility of an integrate approach in forensic investigation.